Other Resources

Links to Relevant Resources

A Design Repository at Oregon State University (linked here) shares examples of function block diagrams for several products.

An overview of various mechanical mechanisms, by Yi Zhang, is posted at Carnegie Mellon University (linked here).

The Design Heuristics website (linked here) provides information about its strategies and products for facilitating concept ideation.

An embodiment of the TRIZ Matrix for resolving design conflicts/contradictions is provided by SolidCreativity (linked here). It has an interface that can be used for working with it, as well as explanations of the inventive principles it uses.

Ansys Discovery (linked here) is a CAE/simulation tool that enables interactive CAD-based physical simulation in real time, to help explore potential design approaches early in the process.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provides a general overview of U.S. patents (linked here). They also provide a web based tutorial on how to conduct a preliminary U.S. patent search (linked here).